Selecting the Right Carpet Fiber

When choosing new flooring, there are endless options; carpet, stone, hardwood, vinyl, porcelain, laminates… and the list goes on. Although there are so many options to pick your brain, sometimes carpet stands out as the best and only fit for a room. Once you have made the decision to go with carpet – you can’t simply go for looks. You have to choose based on a couple factors, such as the traffic the room gets and the intended purpose of your installation. There are five major carpet fibers that we offer at VIP Stone & Tile, all suitable for different residential and commercial projects. From green, eco-friendly styles to old school wool, it’s important to choose based on the strengths and weaknesses of the material or fiber that best suits your room. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the five popular carpet fibers:


Wool – Fairly resilient, retains heat, easily cleaned, and very resistant to wear. At the same time, wool degrades with direct exposure to the sun and is not very mildew resistant when wet.

Polyester – Unlike wool, this is very resistant to mildew from moisture and handles exposure to light fairly well. However, just like wool, it is very resilient, very easy to clean, and does not easily wear.

Polypropylene Olefin – Extremely resistant to mildew and wear, easily cleaned if using the right products, but easily deteriorates in direct sunlight unless chemically modified.

Nylon – An all around excellent choice, nylon is very resistant to abrasion, mildew, and sunlight. As one of the most resilient fibers of the five, it really doesn’t have a weakness that stands out in comparison to the other options.

Acrylic Modacrylic – While there are many downfalls to acrylics such as its lack of resilience and resistance to abrasion, it handles sunlight extremely well with no chemical modifications needed, as well as being one of the most resistant-to-mildew fibers on the market.

As you can see, there is much more to selecting a carpet than just color and style. Once you’ve committed to getting carpet, you must take the extra step to evaluate which fiber and/or material will be most suitable for the room you’re remodeling. No new flooring choice is easy, and despite popular belief, choosing carpet isn’t an easy decision either.